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At Boker, we have always been committed to innovation. In the past one and a half decades, we opened up our Boker Plus brand for many new ideas without losing sight of our traditional values. With the Urd 2.0, we are taking yet another big step forward. Dirk Hofmeister founded Midgards-Messer in 2017, where he and his daughter did pioneering work. We partnered with him to present the Urd 2.0, much more than just a neck knife. Though the sturdy all-rounder is great fun and very useful in its original state, the greatest joy of the Boker Plus Urd 2.0 comes after the purchase.

Customers can download files of handle scales in various shapes and sizes, spacers, sheaths and gift boxes and print them in many different shapes, colors and materials on regular 3D printers.

Use it with a handle ring or as a three-finger knife, design it with various man-made materials, wood filament or glow-in-the-dark- materials. There is no limit to the design and playful experimentation- , drawing from a wealth of color- and material combinations. A range of different handle shapes also offer customization options based on your needs and preferences. This knife redefines the concept of modular design for the knife market.

Customers who don't have a 3D printer can use the Midgards-Messer print service to order customized handle scales based on their ideas. The Facebook page of Midgards offers plenty of inspiration and support. The Urd 2.0 comes with black G10 scales and a Kydex sheath with a ball chain, which means that the knife is fully functional even without a 3D printer at home. The sturdy blade is made from D2. Despite its compact construction, the Urd 2.0 offers a firm grip so that you will be able to tackle tasks that require more cutting force. We are very happy to offer this knife honoring our commitment to being an innovative knife manufacturer.

* Overall Length: 10,5 cm
* Blade Length: 6,0 cm
* Blade Thickness: 4,7 mm
* Weight: 95 g
* Steel: D2
* Handle Material: G10

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