FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife

  • FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife

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Idea of Specwog tactical combat knife originated from studying the distinctive manner and techniques of fighting used in Dean Rostohar's Tactical Technical Combat System - T.T.C.S. (T.T.B.S.). A need for a knife having special, distinctive form emerged. Dean Rostohar decided to design the knife that brings the best results in combat situations.

* is the all-function-knife - a multi-purposive or multifunctional knife. As a combat knife, Specwog Warrior Combat Knife is designed for the techniques of fighting against an attacker, on land and at sea. As a tactical knife, it is designed for cutting ropes, opening the doors, windows, cans, etc. It can be used as a survival knife, a tool for peeling the animal skin, cutting the meat, fruits and vegetables, cleaning the fish, cutting wood, etc.

* Warrior Combat Knife has a semicircular shape, enabling cutting and slashing with a large striking force. Spear-shaped pointed tip of the knife in the middle of the blade gives a large thrusting power - superb penetration in puncturing and stabbing. The knife's distinctive tooth enables deeper penetration and cutting with the blade.

* Blade Length: 11,5 cm
* Total Length: 25,5 cm
* Weight: 366 g
* Steel: N690Co
* Handles: G-10
* Pouch/Sheath: Kydex
* Other:  

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