Gyro Dart Knife

  • Gyro Dart Knife
  • Gyro Dart Knife
  • Gyro Dart Knife

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A throwing knife turns in flight like a cartwheel. It takes long time training to make it reach the target tip first. The Gyro Dart eliminates this challenge: in flight, its tip always faces the target, which it will hit with a satisfying thunk.

The concept to throw a knife like a spear has been conceived (and patented) by the Spanish engineer Paco Tovar in 2002. Over the years the basic idea remained the same, but construction and handling have been refined continuously. The result is a throwing knife that's pure fun: The Gyro Pocket reliably sticks in the target after only a few training throws, regardless of previous knife throwing experience.

The throwing knife is suitable for distances up to 9m. For a start, go stand on a big lawn, hold the knife in a loose grip and throw it with a loose wrist. After the first few tries, the knife won't turn like a cartwheel any more, but will fly straight! Now get a wooden target (minimum 70x70 cm, you don't want to concentrate on the aim yet), stand in a distance of 5m and Go for it!

Blade Length | 10,4 cm
Total Length | 25,6 cm
Weight | 171 g
Steel | 420
Handles | Injection moulded
Pouch/Sheath | Leather
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