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Wander Tactical Centuria Black

Product no.: 02WT018
Wander Tactical
Wander Tactical Centuria Black
Wander Tactical Centuria Black
Wander Tactical Centuria Black
Wander Tactical Centuria Black
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With the Wander Tactical CENTVRIA (here in the font of the Latin Capitalis, in which the name also adorns the blade and sheath), designer Dino Picco has created a knife that is massive even by Wander standards. While the shape of the blade is inspired by American Vietnam Bowies, the handle is unmistakably reminiscent of the Gladius of the Roman legions. This is also where the name comes from, which refers to the Centuria, the division of 100 men, in the Roman army. With a blade length of 19 cm, the Centuria is undoubtedly one of the largest knives of the Bowie class, but has not yet crossed the border to machete or short sword. The robust proportioning with a 5.5 mm thick blade back makes the stainless steel D2 the first choice for this knife. The full tang of the blade extends across the entire width of the t-shaped pommel and runs out into a flat angle ground hammer. Indestructible Micarta scales are screwed onto the tang with two hot-dip galvanised Allen screws with countersunk heads. This knife also features the signature Wander Tactical finish, which creates an inimitable appearance of coarseness with simultaneous perfection from the combination of grainy flute and bevel with deep grooves. The custom-fit flat Kxdex sheath is fitted with two Molle-compatible clips. The Centuria is offered in two versions of micarta scales. Version with black canvas micarta scales.

• Overall Length: 32,0 cm
• Blade Length: 16,5 cm
• Blade Thickness: 5,0 mm
• Steel: D2
• Handle Material: Micarta